Gaining trust

My service costs money. Of course you want to know how much. Ask yourself beforehand, what use am I to you?

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I calculate my fee according to the following two options:

Election lawyer

I can be instructed as a lawyer of choice if you pay me exclusively privately. How high this fee can be depends on the individual case and can be discussed in an initial meeting. preliminary can be estimated.

Details on the election defense

In principle, there are flat-rate fees or the agreement of an hourly rate.
Very roughly you can expect an hourly rate of EUR 300.00 gross or a flat fee of at least EUR 1,500.00 gross.

That sounds a lot, but – according to established case law, including that of the higher courts – it is in the lower half of the permissible range of an hourly billing rate of EUR 180.00 gross to EUR 600.00 gross for lawyers.

This is despite the fact that I have been working exclusively in the field of criminal law for 25 years and also hold the title of specialist lawyer for criminal law and, as you will soon realize and come to appreciate, I am your permanent direct contact.

Read my customer reviews and you will get a good impression of my client-friendly work.

Public defender

I also take on public defense cases, but always with an additional private payment in the same amount as the public defender’s fees.

Details on mandatory defense

The possibility of mandatory defense exists only for certain cases regulated by law:

Section 140 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, for example, stipulates the necessity of a public defender in the case of a crime or a sentence of one year or more.

According to this, the court can assignany lawyer of your choice as a public defender.

The Public defender initially settles directly with the state. The amount of these public defender fees is regulated in the German Lawyers’ Fees Act (RVG).

In the event of a conviction, the state may recover these defense costs from the convicted person.